NED LUDD SAYS..Erect The CookaRoo!


2020 marks the 250th Anniversary of Cook's landing.

It's time to correct the governmental oversight of 1970 and finally erect this lasting monument to the Captain's achievement.

If we build it, someone will come.

Designed in 1970 by Tim Gooding and Lasse Kaukomaa, "The CookaRoo" features the head of Captain Cook revolving atop the body of a kangaroo clad in Cook's naval coat and vest.

When constructed, the imposing edifice will be three miles (5 km) high, with left lower foot (paw) resting on the North Head of Port Jackson, right foot (paw) on South Head, and tip of tail on Middle Head.

On a clear day, Cook's head will be visible in New Zealand, in acknowledgement that Cook also "discovered" The Shaky Isles.