NED LUDD SAYS...Thatcherite Greens?


A Greens' "immigration spokesperson" recently opined that to cite congestion and lack of infrastructure as reasons for reducing immigration was 'racist'.

Ned opines that this be preposterous, sanctimonious twaddle.

Further, that the Greeens of late have tended naught but bourgeois moralists, MOR, self-positioned atop high central ground from which to pour down righteous, 'progressive' vituperation - 'racist!, sexist!, chauvenist!, deist! - upon both 'right' and 'left'. Phrase-mongering, to deploy a term popularised by V.I. Lenin: the memorising of words in place of thought, the spouting of the same memorised verbiage in place of debate. 

Don't stop me now. On a roll.

Don't get Ned wrong, he's all for clean/green, but do his finely tuned political nostrils detect a certain Thatcherite dimension to the Greens? A radiating of Maggie-esque disdain for what remains of the people formerly known as the working class? Miners, loggers, old school industrial workers, and the like. Dirty workers. Who do dirty work. Whom bourgeois greens, fastidiously clean in mind and body, will happily expunge without giving a thought to sources of alternative employment?

Note to media commentators. Please, please, please do NOT refer to the Greens as belonging to the left. Fake left? Now we're talking.

That the electoral heartland of Green totalitarian sanctimony is gentrified inner city Melbourne and Sydney says it all. Well-serviced fashionable suburbs from which the former residents - workers and other cheap renters - were driven out by Money, in order that the gentrifying class might live designer lives, make huge capital gains, price young people out of housing, self-obsess over identity, shriek and wring their hands at the backwardness of some people, and wonder how on earth Brexit, Trump, etc, could happen.

Hypocrites to the bone. Off with their heads.

That's all for now.


Remember: Cause trouble. And teach your children well.