NED LUDD SAYS..Thatcherite Greens!?

Is it just me or is there a Thatcherite dimension to the Greens' hatred of miners?

Now, don't get old Ned wrong. I'm all for clean/green. What gets up my nose is bourgeois greens who radiate a Thatcher-like disdain for what is left of the people formerly known as the working class.

Miners, loggers, old school industrial workers, and the like. Dirty people. Who do dirty work. And whom the b-g's will happily expunge without giving a thought to sources of alternative employment.

The electoral heartland of this totalitarian sanctimony - surprise! - is inner city Melkbourne and Sydney. From where the working class and other cheap renters were expelled 20, 30, 50 and more years ago.

So that the gentrifying class might live designer lives, make huge capital gains, price young people out of housing, self-obsess over identity, shriek and wring their hands at the backwardness of some people, and wonder how on earth Brexit, Trump, etc, could happen.

That's all for now.