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Tim Gooding

(c) Tim Gooding  July 1984



Chook Fowler

Vikki Fowler

Horace Fowler


Hank Henderson


Lester                                           band leader

Residents                                      played by band members

Radio Announcer                        band member   

Auctioneer                                   band mamber

Workmen’s Club Announcer      band member

The "Blue Dogs" Band :   ideally, bass and guitar plus 2 or more  specialist instruments: fiddle, pedal steel, mandolin, banjo. Able to cover a variety of styles.



A broad space capable of representing various tracts of land, from quarter acre block to outback expanse.

Sidestage: a car, Australian, late 1950s vintage. Dusty, battered. Written in faded letters on the side:

"Chook Fowler's Country & Western Show

 Featuring The Blue Dogs!"

Elsewhere: a band podium, with offstage access.



Act 1

Sc 1      King Of Country                                     Chook

Sc 3      Town & Country Waltz                          Pearl/Chook

Sc 7      It's Not The Same                                   Pearl

Sc 9      New England Highway Revisited          Chook/Vikki/Horace

Sc 11     When You Go, Don’t Leave A Note    Horace

Sc 13     Creek In Flood                                       Pearl/Chook

Act 2

Sc 2      Haunted Hills                                         Pearl

Sc 4      Stranger In Town                                   Hank

Sc 6      Waste Of Time & Tears                         Vikki

Sc 7      Salt Of The Earth                                   Chook

Sc 8      Common Touch                                     Pearl/Chook

All songs (words & music) written by Tim Gooding.

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Scene 1

(In blackout: a suburban summer soundscape. Cicadas. Lawnmowers. Revving engines. Splash of backyard pools. Shouts, squeals of children.

A radio plays desultory country music. A mower repeatedly fails to start.)

CHOOK:    Mongrel! You mongrel! You flaming mongrel!

(He kicks the mower.)

CHOOK:    You bastard!

SONG: King Of Country.

CHOOK (sings): I never thought I'd live to see the day

I'm surrounded on all sides except the sky

But if I squint my eyes the rooftops look like clay

The colour of the heartland far away


The river cuts through sandstone to the sea

Sheffield Blight it takes care of the trees

Soil so thin it slips right through your hand

Nothing grows but houses on this land


Everybody knows the King of Country

King of County knows this country best of all

East of the mountains

West of Drummoyne

South of the Doyalson lights


It’s Sydney or the bush I used to say

Doesn't seem to mean the same today

Somewhere there's a rider & he's never seen the sea

Never seen the city but I bet he's seen TV

Maybe soon he'll mow the lawn & whistle just like me

Nothing grows but houses on this land


Everybody knows the King of Country..etc..

Scene 2

(A suburban backyard "let go". Overgrown, fallen palings, cartons of bottles. Bedraggled Christmas decorations. The overturned, abandoned mower. Heat & flies..

On the radio: Hank Williams.

CHOOK begins to clear the yard.)

RADIO ANNOUNCER:     The late great Hank Williams. Unfortunately Hank can't make it up to Tamworth for this year's country music festival, which is a shame, cause neither can Hank Cochran, Hank Locklin, Hank Snow, Hank Thompson and a whole lotta other late great country Hanks. But the VERY latest Hank, the Oklahoma Outlaw, Hank Henderson, latest and wannabe greatest in a long line of Yank Hanks WILL BE THERE! So will his Aussie sweetheart, Vikki Fowler. And so will I.

(CHOOK collects a carton. The bottom falls out, spilling bottles and cans.)

CHOOK:    You bludging mongrel cow of a thing!

(He kicks the rubbish. HORACE enters in a wheelchair at top speed. A small cardboard box on his knee.)

HORACE:   What's up you, son? A man can't hear himself listen to the races! The doctor said I could kick off at any time. I'll miss the Welter. Why don't you clean up this mess? Why are you cleaning up this mess? Is Norma coming back?

CHOOK:    No.

HORACE:   Are you sure Norma's not coming back? She left on the 6th of september. At 8.30. That's 3 months ago. You're over the worst now, son. It's like smoking. What happened to my sunday drive?

CHOOK:    I'll just do the lawns first.

HORACE:   That's what you said about making a comeback. It just grows back into bush, you galoot. Then you can chop the lot down all over again. Will you sunday drive me back to Tamworth?

CHOOK:    That's a bit further than I was thinking.

HORACE:   I have to scatter Enid's ashes. Norma's gone now. Why can't you just leave the mess, son?

CHOOK:    Because I can't leave the mess! They'll be here soon. Are you wearing that?

HORACE:   No. I'm wearing a barrel and braces. I always wear this. Who'll be here son?

CHOOK:    Vikki and Hank.

HORACE:   Hank? Who's Hank?

CHOOK:    Vikki's husband.

HORACE:   Who's Vikki?

CHOOK:    Your granddaughter.

HORACE:   I remember her from last Christmas. What's his name again?

CHOOK:    Hank. HANK.

HORACE:   Is he that dopey banjo twanger?

CHOOK:    No. This one plays guitar and sings.

HORACE:   I hope he does it better than you did. What's his name again?

CHOOK:    HANK. Rhymes with Yank. Which is what he is.

HORACE:   Did she marry a septic? Why didn't you stop her?

CHOOK:    I didn't know till I got the press release from the States.

HORACE:   You should've married Pearl. She'd never let her daughter marry a septic.

CHOOK:    Dad. Let's leave Pearl out of today's proceedings, all right?

(CHOOK drags a bin away, casually collecting Enid's ashes in passing.)

HORACE:   ENID! Enid! Don't throw that box away!

CHOOK:    Jesus. That was close, dad, wasn't it? Strewth.

HORACE:   Give her to me. Give her to me.

CHOOK:    Settle down. I'm just tidying up.

HORACE:   Putting your mother in the bin and your father in Belsen is just tidying up, is it?

CHOOK:    Are you talking about the retirement village now, are you?

HORACE:   If that's a village I'm a shearer's armpit. Matron said there's a vacancy coming up in May.

CHOOK:    Nothing's decided yet.

HORACE:   She's poisoning someone in April.

CHOOK:    I only took you there to see what it's like.

HORACE:   It's like a prewash for the crematorium. If she comes near me with her sponge, I'll stretch her neck like a rabbit.

CHOOK:    Nothing's decided yet, dad, all right! So let's get just right off the subject.

HORACE:   Don't you want my granddaughter to know you're having me put to sleep?

(CHOOK walks away..)

HORACE:   Son? Son? I have to scatter your mother in Tamworth. I promised her on her death bed.

CHOOK:    Dad. You know we've got a lovely spot set aside for mum at Rookwood.

HORACE:   Have you got a lovely spot set aside for me too?

CHOOK:    It's a fine piece of land, dad.

HORACE:   I can put in some wheat and run a few sheep while I'm down there. What if they slip someone else in next to Enid, before I get there?

CHOOK:    Mum wouldn't stand for it.

HORACE:   Is it all paid for?

CHOOK:    Yes, dad.

HORACE:   The bank can't get it?

CHOOK:    No, dad.

HORACE:   They got my farm. Up near Tamworth. Have I told you about that? Pommy bastards. I was a soldier settler. What about the army? Can they take it?

CHOOK:    No, dad.

HORACE:   I saw tanks go through a cemetery in France.

CHOOK:    It's sacred ground, dad.

HORACE:   That's what the abos thought. Your mother and I never brought you up to be tidy. Norma tidied you up. Good and proper. Enid was faithful for 63 years. I have to scatter her in Tamworth.

CHOOK:    Hank and his band are playing at the festival. He's a big star and he'll be very busy, but if you ask nicely maybe he'll do it for you.

HORACE:   Are you going too?

CHOOK:    What do you think?

HORACE:   You could see Pearl.

CHOOK:    Button it, dad.

HORACE:   You could make a comeback with her.

CHOOK:    Button it, dad.

HORACE:   She could sing like a bird.


HORACE:   She could sing like a bird.