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NED LUDD SAYS..An Indigenous President for the Republic of Australia!


Run this up the political flagpole.

Combine indigenous recognition in the constitution with the republic..

..by constitutionally requiring the President of Australia be elected from the nation's indigenous constituency.

A few definitions, presidential job description, to be sorted. But all in all, too easy.

First round of voting: indigenous constituency elects a limited number of presidential candidates.

Second round: national constituency elects the president from the indigenous-elected candidates.

NED LUDD SAYS..Who is this Jobson Grothe?


Who is this Jobson Grothe both government and opposition are continually spruiking?

The barest modicum of research reveals Jobson - surprise! - to be the bastard grand-nephew of Laura Norder, the once much-cited conservative crone from the 1960/70s.

Less predictably, Jobson also happens to be a close relation of "Screaming" Ray Cyst, that ever-popular fake left phrase monger, inevitably referenced - in screeching tones - when talk turns to limiting population increase.

NED LUDD SAYS..Cycling is Rococo Capitalism

Rococo capitalism - the manufacture and consumption of the completely unnecessary - surely reaches a morbidly-accessorised apotheosis in the figure of the Australian Weekend Cyclist and the overt symptoms of Obsessive Lycra Disorder: longish shorts which appear to feature a replete colostomy bag at the rear, shirts spattered in faux Tour/Giro advertising, cleated footwear, ineffective helmets, innumerable plastic bottles and tubes, rudeness to cafe staff and non-cycling patrons, road sanctimony, and complete lack of awareness that the rest of the amateur cycling w

NED LUDD SAYS..Erect The CookaRoo!


2020 marks the 250th Anniversary of Cook's landing.

It's time to correct the governmental oversight of 1970 and finally erect this lasting monument to the Captain's achievement.

If we build it, someone will come.

Designed in 1970 by Tim Gooding and Lasse Kaukomaa, "The CookaRoo" features the head of Captain Cook revolving atop the body of a kangaroo clad in Cook's naval coat and vest.